Original Assessment

To help you better understand your organizing dilemma, sit down with a price of paper and think about your space (only one space at a time).


Write down the answers to the following questions.
Don’t edit your answers – list everything that comes to mind
  1. What is working? What areas are well organized and easy to keep that away?
  2. What is NOT working? These are the areas that you continue to have difficulty keeping organized.
  3. What items are most essential to you? Are you unable to locate important items?
  4. What do you want to get organized. Be specific.
  5. What is causing problems? Have you recently moved? Are you keeping items for someone else? Do you have a hobby or collection that has outgrown its space?

Answer the questions above for each space. Your answers will give you insight as to what is causing the organizing problems and which areas to work on first.

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