To Sell, Consign or Donate?


How you should delegate your castoffs really depends on what it is you want to part with – or how much time you want to spend doing so.

If you have designer clothes your best options are selling them on or taking them to a local consignment shop. To learn more about consigning visit and to find local shops go to

If it’s furniture you are looking to unload the one of the best sites is Two suggestions: 1) only accept cash and 2) don’t invite strangers into your home. If possible have the piece of furniture in your garage or a covered area to show it. For additional protection have a friend or family member with you when you have someone looking at your furniture.

Do you want to sell a vase or china that is an heirloom? Do you know the value? If you want to be sure you price it right hire an appraiser (

If it’s sporting goods that are crowding you try or

When you find that you have accumulated a large amount of household items determine if you want to take the time it takes to put on a garage/yard sale. The trick to a successful sale is volume, variety and marketing. List larger items individually on to get more foot traffic. Signage is important also. Use directional signs that are clear with large lettering and arrows from major intersections.

Your best bet for books, CDs, DVDs and video games is When you ship these out you can save money by using ‘media mail’ at the Post Office at half the cost of first class mail.

Of course, you can write off any donations made to various charities (501(c)(3)).

Donation Resources


Below is a list, by category, of local Donation organizations. For additional options, check out the following websites

Clark County Recycling A-Z

WhatCharity / BusinessPhone
Books, CDs, DVDs

FVRL Library Foundation360-906-4700Donate at your local library
Building Supplies

ReStore - Habitat for Humanity360-213-131310811 SE 2nd St, Vancouver, WA 98664
Cell Phones
YMCA Safe Choice(360) 695-2655 ext. 250Click HERE for drop off locations
Clothing, Bedding

Share Inc.360-952-8228

Clothing, Dresses & Women's Suits Dress for Success532 B NE 37th Ave., Suite B
*check HERE for donation dates
Computer Equipment
FREE GEEK503-232-9350

Computer Equipment CREAM360-735-08885000 E. Fourth Plain, Vancouver
Craft Supplies

DebrisMetro Recycling503-234-3000

EyeglassesLions Sight Committee360-696-6321Click HERE for more information
Food itemsTreasure House360-834-5786Check HERE for a Wishlist
91 C Street
Washougal, WA
Household items

Retails Thrift Store360-693-13245000 E 4th Plain
Vancouver, WA

Household itemsGoodwill
Household items

YMCA Safe Choice360-696-0167Click HERE for their Wishlist
Household, Clothing

Cancer Society Discovery Shop360-695-8215

2011 Main Street, Vancouver, WA

Musical InstrumentsSchool DistrctContact your local school district
Printer Ink & Toner CartridgesOffice Max/Depot, Staplesgive paper

Rugs, BathHumane Society Animal Shelters
VehiclesARC of Clark
Wedding DressesAdorned in Grace503-829-4486Click HHEREERE for details
Wedding DressesWish Upon a WeddingClick HHEREERE for more information
Wire Hangers

Any Dry Cleaner

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